Our company’s infrastructure is built on NAS servers from leading brands such as QNAP and Synology, ensuring robust and dependable operation.


How We Can Assist

Leveraging NAS servers from QNAP and Synology, we offer:


  • Corporate cloud solutions


  • Secure backups using either our proprietary software or options
    recommended by our specialists


  • Efficient and secure file management in the cloud

How We Work 

Our process is designed to tailor the perfect NAS solutions for your business:


  • Consultation: Complete our inquiry form so we can understand your specific requirements.


  • Analysis and Customization: We swiftly analyse your needs and propose the most suitable, bespoke solution.


  • Implementation: We seamlessly implement the selected solution, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.,


  •  Ongoing Support: Our team of experts is always on hand to provide assistance and resolve any issues.


Today, all businesses need to be able to exchange files quickly, globally and reliably with customers and partners.


SSL Encryption

All server connections are secured with SSL encryption for
maximum data safety.

High Capacity

Our internet connections boast bandwidths of up to 1Gb/s,
facilitating swift data transfer

Data Encrypted Options

We offer optional encryption services for your data bon our servers.

Robust Data Protection

Our servers are safeguarded with disk parity and daily backups.

Efficient File Sharing

Our NAS solutions support FTP, WebDAV, CalDAV, and CardDAV services for versatile file sharing.

Power Failure Safety

APC UPS systems ensure continuous operation during power outages

Customized Backup Solutions

Upon request, our experts can design a backup system tailored to your specific needs, storing encrypted copies on our servers.

1Gb / s

Link bandwidth

Our internet connections have a bandwidth of up to 1Gb / s.


Connection to servers

All connections to our servers are SSL encrypted.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday
8 AM – 4 PM

HQ adress:

27 Old Gloucester Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 447846 700076

VAT: GB340673608 

EMAIL: office@uklimitedsolutions.com